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Blue Rebel has chosen to produce cleaner and more transparent step by step. In practice this means that all Blue Rebel factories it works with have at least a BSCI certification. This certification indicates that minimum verifiable requirements with regard to working conditions must be met. This is checked regularly. We also try to work with recycled raw materials, organic cotton and we have "less water usage" programs. Blue Rebel is also certified by GOTS, which supplies the best organic cotton which can be found.





For Blue Rebel, the environment (sustainability) and working conditions (compliance) are important elements in the production of our clothing. Manufacturing the entirely “green” production of jeans in particular is a difficult process. A lot of water is needed for the production of jeans and dyes (indigo) are also important ingredients of jeans. That is why Blue Rebel, together with its manufacturers, is constantly looking for washes in which water consumption can be limited and the use of dyes minimized. The addition of metals to the buttons and rivets are also points of attention in the pursuit of the least possible impact on nature, but also on humans. Because not only are metals bad for nature, they can also be bad for humans in extreme conditions. That is why all parts used are REACH compliant. This is a directive issued by the EU on the use of hazardous substances.


Furthermore, Blue Rebel often tries to work with biological materials or recycled raw materials. Blue Rebel is also GOTS certified. This means that it is possible to work with the best traceable organic cotton. Finally, Blue Rebel is working on all her accessories such as plastic plastic bags, cardboard and paper which should be in near future completely biodegradable. We hope to have this process completed by mid-2022/2023.


Blue Rebel produces its products in Europe and Asia. All factories that Blue Rebel works with are at least BSCI certified. This is a certification that must be renewed annually so that it is periodically checked whether the factories meet the standards for wage payment, working hours, overtime, etc., etc. In addition to the BSCI certification, some Blue Rebel factories are also SA8000 certified. This is a strict standard for working conditions once developed by the United Nations. SA8000 also looks more broadly than BSCI at issues such as discrimination, freedom of association and has strict safety standards.


Of course Blue Rebel sometimes has a product that is not 100% OK and therefore does not end up in the shops or on websites. In such cases we donate goods to the “Stichting Babyspullen” which assists young single mothers with a donation of clothing and aid. Good work that Blue Rebel is happy to support.

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