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Blue Rebel originated in the 1990s when a number of denim experts felt that there were too few exciting and creative denim brands for Kids on the market. Most jeans were mainly "blue" but lacked the details that made real indigo fabric jeans. After a limited presence of several seasons, enthusiastic denim and kids specialists from Amsterdam picked up the beautiful brand again in 2020 and decided to inject the brand with new blue blood. Back to the roots: indigo blue, good fits and a well-combinable collection at competitive prices!

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Blue Rebel

OUR studio

Blue Rebel designs its collections with a team of experienced kids and denim specialists. Professionals with years of experience. In the studio, the colours, models and fits of the new seasons are considered. Fabrics, buttons, rivets, labels, hangtags, everything will be re-designed and that every season. Discussions are also taking place with the retailers and web shops that sell Blue Rebel. Finally, everything is adjusted to the target group and it is checked together with them whether everything is comfortable and looks cool.

Blue Rebel
Blue Rebel
Blue Rebel


the best qualIty in denim

In consultation with the factories, the first samples are made in new fabrics and washes. Only when these have been approved, a new collection will slowly but surely be created.


The denim fabrics come from renowned weaving mills who know their trade. Specialists who perfectly know all the secrets behind indigo dyes and weave techniques of the fabrics. This process is extremely important to guarantee the quality of jeans. Only after the jeans have been stitched are they washed. This is also an important process that gives the jeans their final look. Blue Rebel is always looking for the ultimate look, but also for the least environmental impact.

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