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Blue Rebel is that (no-nonsense/unbending/stubborn) denim brand with Amsterdam roots for active and ‘rebellious’ kids in the size group 104-176.

Nice fits, trendy fashion with an eye for innovating/innovative applications of washing or material. Blue Rebel works with a team of experienced specialists who continuously fine-tune its/the collections. In addition to these specialists, we also work with Kids, the ultimate experts / the target group who help (Blue Rebel )match Blue Rebel (our) designs to their perception.

Blue Rebel is rebellious, tough and just cool!

5L6A9184 kopiëren.jpg
5L6A9430 kopiëren.jpg
5L6A1157 kopiëren.jpg
5L6A9160 kopiëren.jpg
5L6A1095 kopiëren.jpg
5L6A9796 kopiëren.jpg

Blue is (naturally) in our BR DNA (by nature). We love denim make it our aim to know all about it. ( intend to know all about it / to know all the ins and outs /of it). We work with a team of specialists with expert experience in the denim industry. A number of BR specialists worked for renowned brands or weaving mills in countries such as Italy, Belgium and Spain. The basis of jeans are the denim fabrics. Lefthand, Righthand, Rope-dye, Moustach, selvedge(, etc, etc. ): you name it, we know all the secrets and make the most beautiful denim jeans with the right ‘recipe’!

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